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About Ulster Grassland Society

Optimum production for maximum profit.

Following the ending of the Second World War and a period of compulsory tillage there was a renewed interest in the management of pastures for optimum production and maximum profit.

A group of farmers, agriculturalists and industrialists who realised the part a grassland society could play in creating the necessary enthusiasm to explore the natural attributes of grass as a crop in its own right founded The Ulster Grassland Society in 1959.

The Society was established with the following objectives:-

  1. To encourage and support the adoption into farming practice of advances resulting from grassland research, experimental work and practical experience.
  2. To provide opportunities for those interested in and concerned with grassland husbandry to meet and exchange information, ideas and experiences relating to all aspects of the management, production and utilisation of grass.
  3. To encourage the investigation of problems pertaining to grassland husbandry.
  4. To co-operate with any other organisation in furthering any of the objects of the society
  5. To admit to membership of the society persons concerned with or interested in the objects of the society.

The Ulster Grassland with 500 members is one of the largest grassland societies affiliated to the British Grassland Society.

About Ulster Grassland Society

Activities of the Ulster Grassland Society

1 Organising Farm Visits

Organising Dairy, Beef and Sheep farm visits to discuss improvements in grass production and animal production efficiency. During these visits there is the opportunity to see at first-hand how farmers are incorporating the latest technological changes into their grassland systems.

2 Annual Conference

An Annual Conference is held in late January with eminent speakers from both the local and national scene. It provides the opportunity of keeping up to date with changes in the industry with an eye to the practical implications and it also provides a forum for research workers to review and discuss their current work.

3 Grassland Competition

Organising The Grassland Farmer of the Year Competition, sponsored by the Danske Bank.