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Competition Rules

The Grassland Farmer of the Year Competition, sponsored by the Danske Bank, is open to all UGS current members and those who wish to join. In addition to the overall winner there are five classes with the winners of each class receiving an award as below:

Dairy Award £150
Beef/Sheep Award £150
New Entrant Award £100
Special Commendations £100



  1. The  Competition will be judged in Two round.  Grass management & utilisation, silage utilisation/winter feeding arrangements and environmental practice will be assessed. Finalists will be notified after round one of judging.
  2. Judges will assess each farm within its own situation for the most efficient grassland farming in relation to natural resources of the farm irrespective of the farming system practices.
  3. The winner of the Grassland Farmer of the Year Award is excluded from the competition for the next three years.
  4. The winner of the Grassland Farmer of the Year will be the entrant with the best overall marks.
  5. Class Awards (i.e. Dairy and Beef/Sheep) will only be made when there are sufficient entries in the class.
  6. First Round Judging will take place during August with Final Round Judging expected to take place in October/November.
  7. In any year, numbers will be restricted to the first 50 entry forms returned.